The Connected Universe

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How can we learn to see the world differently?

The CONNECTED UNIVERSE explores new understandings in science that reveal a bigger picture of interconnection than what we have ever imagined. Discover amazing ideas that will not only help change THE WORLD… but will also help change YOUR WORLD.

This "Connected Screening" program is your opportunity to share the power of "The Connected Universe" film with your friends, community, or group. You can take an active role in sharing this message and bringing people
together to open their minds to new ideas, their hearts to new understandings, and inspire them to awaken to the possibility of living a more connected life.

Through a fascinating journey of exploration we met physicist Nassim Haramein who shares his search to create advances in the unifying physics and to help us see that the connections that exist in the Universe are more powerful than we may have ever imagined.

The work builds on ancient knowledge and concepts and brings new understandings to the physics of how the interconnection of things, and the information flow of how it is all connected, becomes possible.

The movie is powerful to watch alone...yet, the best way to experience the film is to watch it together!! This way you can experience the "collective resonance" of the shared experience of these expansive ideas.

We have made special introductory pricing for a limited time to help make it easier to host screenings, share the message, and start amazing discussions. We look forward to having you help connect this important understandings with the world!
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– We will ship the media to arrive 7 days prior to your screening.

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  • The Single Screening Rental prices have been discounted by $225 each. They were initially
    • $425 for Free Admission (now $200)
    • $625 for Paid Admission (now $400)
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