Raid of the Rainbow Lounge


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RAID OF THE RAINBOW LOUNGE is a 103 minute film recounting the widely publicized and controversial 2009 police raid of a Fort Worth, TX gay bar that resulted in multiple arrests and serious injuries. The raid occurred on the 40th anniversary of the raid of the Stonewall Inn (which many consider the launch of the modern gay rights movement). The parallels were haunting.

Following sordid allegations and outrage, many changes occurred in the city and Fort Worth became a leader in LGBT equality. However, the changes did not happen overnight and without controversy. The audience will see history unfold as this film documents that journey from the perspective of witnesses, activists and politicians who helped changed the city.

Narrated by television icon, Emmy nominated actress, and author, Meredith Baxter (Family Ties, Glee).

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QCinema - Fort Worth’s Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, Breckenridge Festival of Film, CNKY Scene Film Festival, Out in the Desert International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, DOCUTAH - Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival, North Louisiana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Long Beach QFilm Festival, Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, South Texas Underground Film Festival, Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Out on Film, Reel Q - Pittsburgh Int’l LGBT Film Festival, UNSPOKEN Human Rights Film Festival, Mississippi International Film Festival, Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, Teaneck International Film Festival, DocMiami International Film Festival, Desperado LGBT Film Festival, Thin Line Film Festival, San Antonio Qfest, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Out at the Movies, GayCharlotte Film Festival, FilmOut San Diego, Out Film CT, Mix Mexico, ReelHeART International Film Festival, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Louisville LGBT Film Festival, Vegas International Film Festival, Great Lakes International Film Festival, B’More QFest, a Film & Media Event


“BEST GLBT FILM” - Breckenridge Festival of Film, “AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD - BEST FILM” - QCinema - Fort Worth’s Gay and Lesbian

International Film Festival, “AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY” - CNKY Scene Film Festival, “BEST FILM - LGBT DOCUMENTARY AWARD”-South Texas Underground Film Festival, “PLATINUM REEL AWARD” - Nevada International Film Festival, “OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTARY” - QBliss Magazine GLBTQIA Creating Change Community

Awards, “AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY” - Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, “BEST DOCUMENTARY” - San Antonio Qfest, “BEST DOCUMENTARY” - FilmOut San Diego, “FREEDOM AWARD” - FilmOut San Diego, “BEST LGBT FEATURE FILM” - Vegas Indie Film Fest, “2nd PLACE - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY ” - ReelHeART International Film Festival, “BEST GLBT FILM” - Breckenridge Festival of Film


"Brings a lump to the throat and, occasionally, tears to the eyes" - Drew Rowsome,

"It is smart, engaging, and vitally important. It's a motion picture that both inspires and informs audiences about civil rights and civic responsibilities while judiciously chronicling stranger-than-fiction events" - Daniel Humphrey, Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Texas A&M University

" I was absolutely inspired by this film. In public service we can sometimes become very defensive of any mistakes, and The Rainbow Lounge helped to illustrate to me the importance of compassionate communication during such situations. While the film focuses on the struggles of the LGBT community to feel safe and to be heard in the aftermath of a terrible situation, the impact for me was not limited to the challenges faced by the LGBT community. Anytime there is a lack of understanding between communities, problems can arise and this film has inspired me to take more time to listen and understand.” - City Councilman Jeff Everson, Shreveport, Louisiana "'Raid Of The Rainbow Lounge' is perhaps the most important movie showing at FilmOut San Diego’s 15th annual LGBT Film Festival"  - Ken Williams,  San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

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Runtime: 103 Minutes

Rating: NR

Genres: History, LGBT, Documentary, Political Science

Subtitles / Closed Captioning: None

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