On Directing

On directing

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ON DIRECTING is a documentary film that features filmmakers Bille August, Roland Joffé, Agnès Varda and Wim Wenders. Told from the point-of-view of "life-reflecting art," the film explores the filmmaker's journey of self-discovery. Interviews, movie clips and scenes of black and white bring forth a landscape of magic and metaphor as these four masters share his or her feeling of openness and synchronicity when filming. Nothing is taken for granted or ignored: Not the gift of light, not a heart-shaped potato found in the middle of a field and not a producer asking if your first rough cut is as good as the film in your head. ON DIRECTING is a chance to learn about the craft of directing from filmmakers who continually dare us to push back against boundaries and cross the lines we've often drawn for ourselves as we continue on our own creative path.
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Runtime: 50 min. 

Rating: NR 

Genres: Documentary

Subtitles / Closed Captioning: None