I Dream Too Much

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After college, Dora finds herself back at home, prepping for the LSAT while her friends travel the globe. When her Great Aunt Vera injures herself, Dora volunteers to help and travels to Vera's snowy estate. The last thing the venerable Vera wants is a caretaker, and the last thing Dora wants is to be bored and isolated. Still, Dora fetches sweaters, studies for the LSAT, and trashes her own attempts at poetry. She spends more and more time with a colorful group of locals, until she uncovers Vera's hidden past, leading the two women a much stronger bond. Much to their surprise, Vera helps Dora through her poetic "muddle," and Dora discovers her own unique voice while Vera rediscovers hers.

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Additional Information

Runtime: 93 mins.

Rating: NR

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Subtitles / Closed Captioning: No

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Festivals and Awards


Bentonville Film Festival
Manhattan Film Festival
Middle Coast Film Festival
Destiny City Film Festival
Woodstock Film Festival
New Orleans Film Festival
Houston Cinema Arts Festival
Dallas VideoFest


"The film has a quiet emotional impact … much of it due to Ladd’s nuanced performance…” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Whip-smart dialogue, a rich literary culture…all set in a winter wonderland skirted by the Catskills.” – Houstonia Mag

“A female coming-of-age account told with humor and insight.” – Texas Art & Film

“The comic drama produced by Richard Linklater has a lot of heart and integrity as old secrets bubble up to the surface and new alliances form…” – Thelma Adams

“…a unique, well-told feel good story that everyone will enjoy…” – Huffington Post Entertainment


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