Go Public: A Day in the Life of An American School District

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Most people have opinions about public education. Some are based on fact. Some are based on fear. Some are based on perception. But how often do we see and hear the people actually living the public school experience?

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Runtime: 90 min. 

Rating: NR

Genres: Documentary, Family

Subtitles / Closed Captioning: English captions available
Festivals and Awards
2016 Closing Film for Milledgeville Film Festival
2016 Pasadena International Film Festival Opening Film  
2014/2015 American Film Showcase Selection
2014 Catalina Film Festival - Winner Best Documentary
2014 Burbank International Film Festival - Winner President's Innovation Award    
2013 Edutopia Film Festival - Finalist Best Doc and Winner Best Editing


"GO PUBLIC is perhaps the finest film ever made about the challenges and successes of public education in the U.S." - Stephen Schroth, PhD, JD, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at Towson University

"Think you know what it's like to learn and work in a public school in the United States?  Spend a little time watching GO PUBLIC, a film project that followed students, parents, volunteers, teachers, and school district staff ... for one day..., and you'll see public education with fresh eyes." - GOOD

"GO PUBLIC is an amazingly ambitious, layered, moving, and inspirational film.  It's a call to action for stakeholders everywhere to support public schools - because they help children succeed, for the most part, despite dwindling resources.  GO PUBLIC shows us what make public schools tick - the people - and reminds us that despite challenges, there's also a great deal to celebrate and treasure in our schools." - CTA Magazine

"GO PUBLIC celebrates the small and large miracles that happen in classrooms every day. Whether or not you or your children went (or go) to public school, we all have a stake in the quality of our public schools." - The Washington Post